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Finlok is an app that digitises savings groups – commonly called bhishi, committee, beesi or chitty. We have developed the app based on a deep understanding of the challenges a group manager/admin faces in operating a saving group. 

So if you are a group manager/admin that wants to increase your earning and would like a partner that can help you manager your groups better you need to download our APP TODAY!

Finlok understands that the group manager/admin’s is the back bone of the saving group. It is our mission to make group management painless and thus help the group manager/admin manager more groups. The main pain faced by the manager/admin are –

  • Transaction tracking 
    • Group managers spend a lot of time in keeping track of payments (who paid, to whom, delayed payments etc.)
  • Reminders 
    • Continuous reminders to members that have not made group payments (managers we spoke to said that they sometimes need to make multiple calls per member to get payments)
  • Notifications
    • Group managers need to keep the group members updated about payment schedules, selection of winner etc. 
  • Beneficiary Selection
    • The group manager needs to have a place to bring members together to select the beneficiary; quite often the member that didnt attend the meeting complain about selection process
  • Payment Collection
    • Group managers need to collect payments and manage cash until settlement to the winner/beneficiary for the schedule. 


With Finlok group managers are able to solve all of these pain points and manage their groups better. With Finlok group managers get the following benefits – 

  • Group creation online through our mobile app
  • Transparent beneficiary selection
  • Automated notifications to all members
  • Payment facilitation and tracking – online (direct to bank account – using BHIM-UPI) as well as offline payments supported
  • Continuous reminders and follow-ups to group members to close the payment cycle. 

Now imagine if as a group manager/admin Finlok helps you with all of the above; the impact that would have on your life!

Bring Your Bhishi Online and Grow your Network
Bring Your Bhishi Online and earn commissions
Bring Your Bhishi Online and be tension free
Bring Your Bhishi Online and get life cover for all group members

Not only will you remove the stress related to group management; you would be able to start and manage multiple more savings groups. Thereby generating much more income while helping many more people save, get credit and earn returns. 

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