Get the benefits of high returns along with group saving with Finlok’s new product.


This product is designed for small business owners that are looking to access funds for business expansion as well as earn high returns within their communities. Finlok Bidding Groups allows users to operate their groups with a reverse bid model. Just create a group with your community and help each other grow your business and investments.

Process for operating a bidding group on Finlok –

  • Download Finlok Android app from Google Play Store (button also provided below)
  • Register by completing a simple form along with the promo code “BID” (if you use the button below you wouldnt be needed to enter the promo code)
  • Setup your BHIM-UPI payment address on the Finlok app
  • Within 2 hours your Finlok profile would be upgraded to Gold subscription allowing you to operate and participate in bidding groups from ₹ 5,000 to ₹ 25,000 per member per month
  • Once your profile has been upgraded you can create your bidding group on Finlok and invite your friends
  • Your friends would also need to follow the above process to register and be upgraded. Once completed they can join your group
  • Once enough friends have joined your group the group can be activated
  • The slot would open 3 days before payment date for bidding by group members
  • Once winning bid has been confirmed each member can pay their share to the winner through Finlok app
  • The process would repeat until each member has received the funds once
  • For further details feel free to contact us.

Download app from button below and one of our executives will get in touch with you to explain the process and way forward.

Read more about the Finlok Platform here

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